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“Laughter is the sun that drives the winter from the human face.”
Victor Hugo

"When you finally allow yourself to trust joy and embrace it, you will find you dance with everything."

"What sunshine is to flowers, a smile is to humanity."
Jospeh Addison

"After the verb ' to love' , 'to help' is the most beautiful verb in the world."
Bertha Von Suttner

A New Dawn

Showroom model £750 + VAT
To order a Therapy Shack or ask a question please call us on 0121 766 7888.
Our opening times are:
Monday to Thursday 9.00 - 5.30 and Friday 9.00 - 4.30.
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Research has shown that there is a positive link between the state of mind and bodily health. There is also strong evidence that as much as 95% of the adult population suffers from winter blues, office syndrome or just feeling low. If this downward trend is not addressed it can progress into something more serious. The initial symptoms of winter blues are the same for everyone.

Starting around September and lasting until April, you feel lethargic, overeat, crave carbohydrates, feel tired during the day with the desire to oversleep and you can also experience mood swings. The winter blues is not just a psychological dislike of winter, the symptoms interfere with peoples ability to carry on their daily life. Lack of daylight creates a biological imbalance in the parts of the brain which regulate any bodily functions.

The Therapy Shack re-energising room is not just for your customers with mild depression or winter blues, but for the majority who feel low with no energy at any time of year. It can also benefit any one who works indoor for long periods or if they merely want to lift up their sprits. The Therapy Shack banishes that Monday morning feeling whichever day it may befall on.

Domestic Use
You have your own therapy room to use whenever you wish.

Commercial Use
For salons, spas, health centres etc. your new extra facility will keep your customers happy any time of the year.

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